Erstwilder - Perfume Pomander Disc Refills - 20th Century Artifacts

Erstwilder - Perfume Pomander Disc Refills

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A 3 pack of unscented ceramic disc refills suitable for our Heirloom Pomander perfume locket brooch designs.   - You get 3 with the pomander brooch - this is if you need extras.

Work on a clean, soft surface.
Gently remove brooch from leatherette case.
Turn brooch over so that the locket is facing up.
Remove a ceramic disc from its packet.
Choose your favourite quality perfume and apply to the ceramic disc. Allow the ceramic to absorb the scent.
DO NOT over saturate the disc.
Install your ceramic disc by lifting the hinge of the locket and slipping the disc into place.
Remove disc for storage.
Avoid mixing scents. Please use a new disc if applying a new scent.
Additional disc refills can be purchased.